Protect Your Family From Dangerous Radon Gas

Protect Your Family From Dangerous Radon Gas

Learn how radon testing can help keep your Chicagoland home safe

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. If your home has dangerous levels of radon, you're putting yourself and your family at serious risk. The only way to tell for sure whether you are being exposed to high levels of radon is to schedule radon testing services. That's where A1 Property Inspection Corp. comes in.

Based in Downers Grove, IL we work with homeowners throughout the Chicagoland area to provide reliable radon testing and radon mitigation services. Call today to schedule an appointment in the Chicagoland area including Downers Grove, Elmhurst, Riverside, & Pontiac, IL.

What if we detect Radon?

5 common strategies for radon mitigation

There are several different strategies that contractors can use to help reduce in-home radon levels. Here are five of the most commonly employed radon mitigation methods:

  • Room pressurization
  • Soil suction
  • Heat recovery ventilation
  • Natural ventilation
  • Sealing

When you work with us, we'll rely on our years of experience and expertise to decide which approach will work best for you. Call today to discuss your options with one of our experienced team members.