Hire the Home Inspector Who Can Do More for You

Hire the Home Inspector Who Can Do More for You

Ask about mold and radon testing in Downers Grove, Elmhurst, Riverside, & Pontiac, IL

Don't forget to schedule mold and radon testing before buying or selling a home. It's recommended that you proactively test for mold and radon during a home inspection to make sure you're not exposing your family to dangerous health hazards.

A1 Property Inspection Corp. works with trusted subcontractors who are certified to complete radon and mold testing. Once you have the results, you can take any necessary steps to remediate the problem.

Commercial and residential draw inspections

Draw inspections for banks and lenders verify the completion of a project, or make sure that a portion of a project is done. Our home inspector takes pictures at the home and writes a narrative in order to present the information clearly to the client.

If you want to work with a competent, professional home inspector, A1 Property Inspection is your best choice.

Air Quality Testing

We offer Air Quality Testing. If we are already at your property for an inspection, then the cost of an air quality test is $125 per lab test sample. Otherwise the cost is $400 + $125 per lab test sample.

Call us today to learn more about air quality testing!